Site-specific installation
Reclaimed steel and bolts
68 feet 2 inches x 8 feet x 10 feet 8 inches

Sculpture exists in a physical world and abides by the rules of that world. Institutionalized art comes with an additional set of rules. Often, art exists much like an animal in a zoo rather than an animal in the wild. The opportunity to create work in an ephemeral space with a lack of parameters challenged the artist to explore what art can be outside gallery walls. 

The unique situation of this one-month residency provided the artist with zero parameters and a blank slate. All goals needed to be set by the artist; commanding the cavernous space evolved into a goal; breaking physical barriers evolved into a goal; using materials found only in the space evolved into a goal. With those three parameters, the form that became Lure emerged. 

documentation photography by Logan Cyrus